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When it comes to water features, you simply cannot discount knowledge and experience when it comes to building a water feature from scratch, or when specifying the right equipment to suit your water features unique design and needs when it is time to upgrade. 

New Water Feature Installation Consultation

If you are wanting to have a new water feature designed and constructed - or if you have an existing water feature that needs to be upgraded - you may want to consider our water feature installation services. 

We pride ourselves on installing state-of-the-art water features that are high in quality and low in maintenance. Our particular passion and expertise lies in natural water feature installations using boulders, gravels, aquatic plants and fish to create an 'ecosystem'. Here, we use the latest in water gardening products and meld them together seamlessly with nature to leverage natural processes as much as possible.

We charge a $175.00 consultation and design fee which covers the cost of a site visit and the time taken to prepare a estimation and design brief. Site consultations that are more than 60 minutes from Newcastle will attract a $250.00 consultation and design fee.

A New Water Feature Installation Consultation provides the following:

  • a 1 hour site consultation at the place where the water feature will be built. Here we will discuss your vision and work to understand in detail what it is you want to achieve.
  • a consultation brief will be delivered via email within 7 days of the 1 hour site consultation containing:
    • a design drawing depicting the general design concept 
    • a breakdown of the products required to complete the job
    • an estimate of the materials required to complete the job
    • an estimate of the labour required to complete the job
    • an estimate of your ongoing running costs required to power the equipment after we have completed the project
  • When the estimation and design brief is ready you will be sent an invoice with the consultation fee payable. Upon payment of the consultation fee invoice the consultation estimation and design brief will be forwarded to your email.

You can take a look at examples of our work in our Portfolio here. 

You can take a look at some examples of Pricing here 


Specialist Consultation 

If you are looking to DIY a project and you would like specialist help we can arrange for an experienced installer to assist you with the project.

The situation may resemble something like this:

  • A pond kit is purchased and delivered to you from our online store
  • You prepare the site (dig the hole, purchase raw materials etc.)
  • An experienced pond installer then comes and assists with the initial installation (and most technical part) for a fee