Bubbling Boulders

This is an image of a bubbling boulder installed in a garden.

Natural Rock Boulder Landscape Fountains For Backyards

Bubbling boulders or fountain rocks as landscape water features are fast becoming one of the most popular water feature additions to any garden in the Newcastle, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Blue Mountains and Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Bubbling Boulders work by pumping water stored in an underground reservoir through a pipe to a bored out hole in the middle of the boulder, causing a fountain of water to appear at the top, and fall down the sides of the boulder. As a result, the gentle sound of trickling water permeates your backyard, transforming your outdoor area into a peaceful oasis. The sound of cascading water is deeply calming, and the presence of birds coming to drink and bathe in the beautiful water feature only adds to the ambience as they sing and call. Every Bubbling Boulder is unique and beautiful, and form an integral part of the custom water feature products installed by Visionary Waterscapes, such as urns, spillway bowls, ecosystem ponds and pondless waterfalls. Visionary Waterscapes are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs), and are well trained and equipped to install Aquascape Inc. water garden products.

What is a CAC?

Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs) are the most qualified and informed water garden installers in the water garden industry. Unlike general landscapers, CACs are highly specialised water feature installation professionals. In most cases CACs only install water features and nothing else. As Master CACs, Visionary Waterscapes have installed the full range of Aquascape products and are solely focused on professionally installing water features and providing a world class water feature experience for every client, every time. If you live in the Newcastle, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Blue Mountains and Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, you can be sure that Visionary Waterscapes will provide a professional and dependable service to install a beautiful Bubbling Boulder Rock Fountain or other water feature in your backyard.

How do Bubbling Boulders work?

Bubbling Boulders truly are a breath taking addition to any garden. Their creation begins by taking a hand selected boulder of just about any size and drilling a hole through the middle of the boulder. The boulder is then positioned on top of a pondless basin and plumbed to a pump which sits in the basin below which is full of water. The water is then pumped from the basin up through the drilled out section of the boulder and spills out over the boulder from the top, falling over the sides and 'disappearing' through the gravel to the basin below. All man made components are effectively hidden from view.

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'The Bubbler Series'

This is an image of a Bubbling Boulder available in The Bubbler Series of Bubbling Boulder natural rock landscape fountains.

'The Bubbler Series' is the smallest bubbling boulder package available from Visionary Waterscapes.
'The Bubbler Series' consists of a single Bubbling boulder with a hole drilled through the middle of it.
'The Bubbler Series' is the perfect way to bring the sight and sound of water into your backyard.

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'The Cascade Series'


 'The Cascade Series' is a Bubbling Boulder package installed by Visionary Waterscapes that contains a trio of Bubbling Boulders that cascade onto and between each other.
'The Cascade Series' consists of 3 medium sized weathered boulders with a 40mm hole drilled through the middle of it.
Designed to make a statement, 'The Cascade Series' Bubbling Boulders have
 multiple falls and cascades of water emitting from the boulders themself and spilling over to 'disappear' into an underground pondless basin.

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'The Behemoth Series'


 'The Behemoth' is the largest and most impactful bubbling boulder package available from Visionary Waterscapes.
'The Behemoth' consists of 1 extra large boulder with multiple holes drilled through the middle of it of varying diametre.
With water plumbed to each bored hole, 'The Behemoth' is sure to make a statement as water cascades all over it.

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