Decorative Fountains

Visonary Waterscapes install a versatile range of Decorative Fountains or 'Fountainscapes' as we like to call them supplied by Aquascape. These fountains are easy to install and we can be in and out in a single day with the fountain installed, operational and looking absolutely stunning. The Landscape Fountain Kits can either be installed stand-alone, or can be added to an existing or new water feature installation for an added contemporary touch. 

We install Decorative Fountains in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and in Sydney, New South Wales.


Aquascape Urns Decorative Fountains

Visionary Waterscapes offers three different styles of Aquascape urn fountains in a variety of sizes. The lightweight, durable fiber-glass resin composite construction is built to last. The stunning finish will not fade or chip, ensuring years of enjoyment. Add the element of fire to your urn fountain with the Aquascape Fire Fountain Add-On Kit (sold separately).

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aquascape-scalloped-urn-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes-1-1-.jpg aquascape-rippled-urn-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes-1-.jpg
aquascape-stacked-slate-urn-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes-1-.jpg aquascape-rippled-urn-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes-2-.jpg


Aquascape Basalt Columns & Pagoda Rocks Decorative Fountains 

Create an impressive, recirculating, and real-stone fountain with either the Mongolian basalt columns or the unique pagoda rocks. Each stone is core-drilled making installation easier. You’ll enjoy the look and feel of real stone while watching water cascade beautifully over the sides of your fountain. 

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aquascape-mongolian-basalt-columns-decorative-fountains-visionary-waterscapes.jpg aquascape-mongolian-basalt-column-decorative-fountain-square-visionary-waterscapes.jpg
aquascape-pagoda-stones-decorative-fountains-visionary-waterscapes.jpg aquascape-pagoda-fountain-rocks-decorative-fountain-01-visionary-waterscapes.jpg


Stacked Slate Wall & Sphere Decorative Fountains

Our stacked slate fountain products are made of lightweight, durable fiber-glass resin composite that ages like real stone. The natural rock veneer never fades or chips and allows for indoor and outdoor use.

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aquascape-stacked-slate-sphere-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes.jpg aquascape-stacked-slate-sphere-decorative-fountain-night-shots-visionary-waterscapes.jpg
aquascape-stacked-slate-spillway-wall-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes.jpg aquascape-stacked-slate-spillway-wall-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes-1-.jpg


Spillway Bowl & Basin Decorative Fountains

The large spillway bowl and basin create a unique, recirculating fountain that’s sure to become the focal point in your yard. Link the bowls together in a wide variety of configurations, or keep it simple with just one or two bowls. You’ll enjoy the soothing sight and sound of water in your landscape.

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aquascape-spillway-bowl-and-basin-decorative-fountain-visionary-waterscapes.jpg aquascape-spillway-bowl-and-basin-square-visionary-waterscapes.jpg
aquascape-spillway-bowl-basin-decorative-fountain-lighting-visionary-waterscapes.jpg aquascape-spillway-bowl-and-basin-decorative-fountain-new-install-visionary-waterscapes.jpg