Wildlife Recreation Ponds

This is an image of a wildlife recreation pond build in New South Wales, Australia.

Natural Chemical Free Ecosystem Ponds For Swimming With Nature

Wildlife Recreation Ponds are fast entering the minds of many environmentally and health conscious Australians living in the regions of Newcastle, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Blue Mountains and Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia who want the ability to swim in a natural setting without bathing their bodies in chemicals. Wildlife Recreation Ponds are swimming pool sized ponds that have many applications such as keeping fish for aquaculture, increasing biodiversity in the backyard with the introduction of a natural water source and even water storage for fire fighting. As they are naturally filtered and crystal clear they are also an attractive alternative for swimming at home in water that is not dosed with chlorine or salt. They also make a fine visual impression in the yard as in many cases they are blended seemlessly into the landscape, creating a stunning vista that seems as though it has been there forever. Visionary Waterscapes are Master Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs), and are well trained and equipped to install Aquascape Inc. Wildlife Recreation Pond products.

What is a CAC?

Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs) are the most qualified and informed water garden installers in the water garden industry. Unlike general landscapers, CACs are highly specialised water feature installation professionals. In most cases CACs exclusively install water features and nothing else. As Master CACs, Visionary Waterscapes have installed the full range of Aquascape products and are solely focused on professionally installing water features and providing a world class water feature experience for every client, every time. If you live in the Newcastle, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Blue Mountains and Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, you can be sure that Visionary Waterscapes will provide a professional and dependable service to install a stunning Wildlife Recreation Pond or other water feature in your backyard.

How does an Wildlife Recreation Pond work?

Wildlife Recreation Ponds are essentially large ecosystem ponds that are naturally filtered by a powerful up-flow biological filter called a wetland filter. Like an Ecosystem Pond, Wildlife Recreation Ponds require boulders, gravel, plants and fish in order to create and sustain an ecosystem capable of maintaining itself. The key difference between an Ecosystem Pond and a Wildlife Recreation Pond is that the components used to facilitate the natural processes are designed to accommodate larger systems. For example, instead of an Aquascape Signature Skimmer and Biofalls Filter a Wildlife Recreation Pond requires a larger intake bay and wetland filter. An intake bay is effectively a surface skimmer from where the water in the pond is drawn from. A wetland filter is a large trench in the ground that has been water proofed with EPDM pond liner and has been plumbed to the intake bay in order to receive water pumped from the pond. The water from the pond is circulated by pumps from the intake bay located strategically on the edge of the pond and pumped into the bottom of the wetland. Using the Aquascape Centrepede and Snorkel system, the incoming water is able to be dispersed evenly in a void space beneath the gravel causing the pond water to rise up through multiple grades of river gravel and allowing beneficial bacteria to break down any waste as the water works its way up through the varying layers of gravel. Finally, the wetland is planted out with aquatic plants which are essential in removing any excess waste from the system that would otherwise cause waster quality issues.


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